Walkfit Review By Shayne the Doubter

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By Shayne the Doubter On 10/25/2021

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The Hype Actually Delivers

I'm 80, and have seen all the scams, miracle cures, pie-in-the-sky offers that almost claim you can walk on water with their new product. So I'm jaded, hesitant, and no longer buy into anything promising to cure or heal my wounds. But my wife saw your advertisement on TV and told me I should try it. Yeah, right, I said, and I'll buy a piece of the moon from a guy selling them down the street while I'm at it. Her answer: "You're spending $60 a week on a physical therapist because your achilles heel is so bad you can't walk without a cane now. All you have to lose is $30 if it doesn't work. If it does work, think of all the $30s you will be leaving in the bank." To appease my wife and looking forward to saying, 'I told you so', I ordered your Walkfit to prove it was just another in a long line of scams. When they arrived it took a week to get used to wearing them. By the second week my wife said, "walking the dog without your cane again, I see." I hate to say it, but she was right, an

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